Externship Opportunities

Berggren Architects’ Externship Program


Berggren Architects is excited to host a Historic Preservation Externship opportunity with our firm during the spring break of applying students. Only full-time students working toward architectural licensure are invited to apply.  The successful applicant will spend the week working alongside the firm’s preservation professionals. A $500 stipend, plus travel reimbursement will be provided.

The application deadline is 11:59 PM Sunday December 22, 2019.  Notifications will be sent out on January 2, 2020.

Minimum application requirements include:

    • Applicant must have completed 75 hours of college credit toward a degree leading to architectural licensure.
      • Please provide most recent GPA.
    • Applicant must have completed not less than 6 college credit hours of historic preservation related course work.
      • Please provide course titles and brief description.
    • Applicant shall provide a 500-word essay about his/herself:
      • The essay shall include:
        • What inspired the applicant to pursue historic preservation?
        • What does the applicant envision as a successful career in historic preservation?
      • The essay may include:
        • Current historic preservation involvement,
        • Historic preservation related experience outside of school,
        • Past work experience,
        • Relevant travel or hobbies.
      • A letter of recommendation from the applicant’s faculty advisor.
        • Must confirm applicant is a full-time student.

During the Externship period, the successful application shall arrive at the home office, 1201 “O” Street, Suite 302, Lincoln, Nebraska 68508, each morning, promptly at 8 AM local time. Office hours are from 8AM to 5 PM with an hour lunch break. Attire at the office is business casual.  However, the applicant should have proper clothing and footwear available for potential construction site visits.  Hard hat and safety gear will be provided by Berggren Architects.

Travel reimbursement will be available immediately upon submission of valid receipt if traveling by commercial carrier.  In the case of travel by personal automobile, mileage will be reimbursed at the IRS posted rate for the shortest round-trip route from the applicant’s college residence to the Lincoln office address.

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