Larsen Legacy Internship

What is?

Larsen Legacy

The Larsen Legacy started in 2016 when Jess Larsen began her internship at Berggren Architects. At the time, she was a first-year architecture student at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln with an interest in historic preservation. In the spring of 2017, she reached out to Greyson McCown, a student with similar interests, and he began his internship with the firm. Every year since then, the youngest intern at Berggren Architects finds a first-year architecture student to begin their tenure with our firm. Jess, and each of the interns to follow her, have continued to work at Berggren Architects for three years, at which time they are encouraged to seek experience with other firms.

During their internship, interns learn what it takes to run a firm and be an architect. Berggren Architects builds on the traditional architectural internship format (which includes CAD drawing, etc.), and steps it up a notch by also including training on running a business, such as finances, marketing, and the field of historic preservation. Interns at Berggren Architects achieve a holistic understanding of their future as an architect, and are set up to become successful architects, preservationists, and business people. Below, you can learn more about each Larsen Legacy intern and how the internship has aided them in their career.

Jess Larsen

2016 - Present

 Jess originally began her tenure at Berggren in 2016 as an intern while working on her undergraduate degree in Architecture from University of Nebraska-Lincoln. In 2019, after Graduating with Distinction, from the College of Architecture with a Bachelor of Science in Design, and a Minor in Art History and Criticism, she moved to New York City to work as an operations associate for an art consulting firm. Jess has worked with major real estate developers, interior designers, and international artists for her award-winning projects. She is back with Berggren part-time to manage company operations, and to ensure Berggren Architects runs smoothly.

Greyson McCown

2017 - 2020

Greyson joined Berggren Architects in 2017. Greyson, unlike other Larsen Legacy interns, started the media department of Berggren Architects and worked on creating and improving the media output for the company. Although he was hired through the Larsen Legacy program, his efforts at Berggren Architects created a legacy behind him known as the McCown Media Legacy program which is the media side of Berggren Architects.

Morgan Davis

2018 - 2021

Morgan Davis joined Berggren Architects in 2018 as part of the Larsen Legacy Program. As an architectural intern, Morgan’s love for historic architecture has influenced her desire to understand the importance of a building’s life span. Her passion for creating environmentally sustainable designs has made her an asset to our team. Morgan moved to Michigan to obtain her Masters of Architecture at the University of Michigan and now works at Clark & Enerson in Lincoln, NE.

Jessica Fujan

2019 - 2022

Jessica joined Berggren Architects’ Larsen Legacy Intern program in 2019. She has helped with multiple projects such as Nemaha County Courthouse, Jefferson County Courthouse Ceiling Collapse, and the Cheyenne Fountain Restoration. She enjoyes the process of construction and how it effects architecture years into the future.

Brandy Nguyen

2020 - 2023

Brandy Nguyen joined Berggren Architects in April of 2020. As an architectural student, Brandy was recruited in 2020 to become the next Larsen Legacy intern. During the years of his internship he took charge of the firm’s outward appearance. Website development and polishing proposals before submission. He also would assist with development of projects and the production of construction documents.

Maegan Ludena-Llanos

2021 - 2023

Berggren Architects welcomed Maegan as a Larsen Legacy intern in 2022. Her duties as a Larsen Legacy assistant were organizing the offices’ activities and conducting research.

Alexi Caines

2021 - present

Alexi joined Berggren Architects in 2021. In her first year as a Larsen Legacy intern, her responsibilities began with coordinating office operations and research. She has since “graduated” from the Larsen Legacy Internship and started full-time. Her current responsibilities include marketing and preparation of construction documents and design.

Kameron Dadgostar

2022 - present

Kameron joined the Larsen Legacy program in 2022 as a media intern, in legacy of Greysons’ McCown Program. He has since graduated from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln with a Bachelors Degree in Film Studies. His current responsibilities include media team oversight, creating digital videos for the company, filming footage on site of current projects, website development as well as creating and updating existing content and project information.

Grace Shepherd

2023 - present

Grace joined the Berggren Architects team in June of 2023 as a Media Production Intern part of the McCown Media Internship Program. Grace is a student at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln studying Emerging Media Arts. She is carrying on the McCown Media Internship Program by filming, editing, and publishing digital content for Berggren Architects and aiding in website development.

Sharon Guchu

2023 - present

Sharon joined the Larsen Legacy program in 2023 and maintains the responsiblities of managing QuickBooks, setting up and maintaining office supplies, and acts as the front-facing representative of our company to the public.