Cass County Courthouse

Plattsmouth, NE


Cass County Courthouse

Berggren Architects was able to take a comprehensive approach to addressing the needs of the courthouse.

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William Gray


Plattsmouth, NE

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Architectural Style

Romanesque Revival

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​In 2007, Berggren Architects was initially retained for the design and managing of the replacement of the Cass County Courthouse roof. During preliminary discussions, many other deficiencies were identified, and the scope evolved into a Space Needs Study, that ultimately became part of a completed Master Plan. Much of the work to be done included: the installation of a new roof, the installation of fire sprinklers on the main three floors, new lighting, and orchestrating the re-arrangement of office spaces. Internal renovations also meant that compliance to code had to be brought up to date.

By completing a Master Plan and Space Needs Study, Berggren Architects was able to take a comprehensive approach to addressing the needs of the courthouse ceiling system and eliminated the need to re-open the ceiling at a later date. The renovation of the ceiling system included the installation of fire sprinklers, new high efficiency, historically sensitive lighting, and a new acoustical tile ceiling. Energy usage was also improved through the coordination of re-servicing the HVAC, and the addition of insulation in the attic. A separate phase of work included the replacement of the existing roof, returning it to a more historically accurate appearance by using slate shingles and copper flashing.

These more recent projects are not the first time Berggren Architects has worked for Cass County. In 1993, we completed an ADA Accessibility Study. In 1997, Berggren Architects acted as consultants during the tuck pointing of the exterior masonry, including the tower. In 1998, we served as a consultant to Geary Engineering in the renovation of the Cass County Jail.

Cass County Courthouse