Durham Western Heritage Museum

Omaha, NE


Durham Western Heritage Museum

Berggren Architects were retained to assist the Durham Western Heritage Museum with the completion of their Conservation Assessment Program grant.


Original Cost:
$3.5 million

Gilbert Stanley Underwood


Omaha, NE

Build Date


Project Date

1990, 2005, 2013

Architectural Style

Art Deco

Additional Info

Western Heritage was the very first Heritage Preservation, Conservation Assessment Program conducted by Jerry Berggren in 1990. It was also the first year that Heritage Preservation made the program available to museums throughout the country. Jerry completed two other assessments that year – both much smaller facilities than Western Heritage. After completing all three, he was very pleased to have gotten involved with the program and that both Western Heritage and Heritage Preservation had entrusted him with the assessments of some of the most interesting museum throughout the Midwest. It is most heartening to have been invited back to preform both Re-CAP assessments in 2005 and 2013.

The original structure was designed by Architect Gilbert Stanley Underwood of Los Angeles, California.  Peter Kiewitt and Sons of Omaha constructed the “Union Passenger Terminal” in 1931 for the Railroad.  At the time of construction it covered 75,000 square feet of the site and provided 124,000 square feet of usable space. The unoccupied structure was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1971 while still owned by the Union Pacific Railroad.  In 1973, the City of Omaha acquired the structure and began operation of the Museum.

The original CAP assessment was completed in association with Conservator Mayda Jensen and the Re-CAP was completed in association with Conservator Julie Reilly.

Durham Western Heritage Museum