Fort Robinson Officers Quarters

Fort Robinson, NE



Berggren Architects has recreated the original 1891 Officers’ Quarters, based on original drawings and historic photographs.


Fort Robinson, NE

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Architectural Style

Folk Victorian

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Working from the original drawings and historic photographs, Berggren Architects has recreated the 1891 Officers’ Quarters over the location of the building’s existing foundation. The original building was added to the fort with standard army plans in 1891 and was one of five 2,300 square foot living spaces for Calvary officers. This unfortunate structure was demolished in 1956 after it was deemed unnecessary, dilapidated and too costly to maintain.

The new duplex-style lodge combines historical features like ornamental siding and decorative brick-work with contemporary amenities such as a gas fireplace and modern kitchen. Unlike the original structure, the new lodge meets the requirements set forth by the American with Disabilities Act. The structure is to be used as public lodging for large groups at Fort Robinson State Park. Each side of the duplex may house up to twenty people, comes with a large living room and is joined by a large covered porch.

Fort Robinson Officers Quarters