Kennard House

Located in Lincoln, Nebraska

Scope of Work

Reconstruction & Restoration

Berggren Architects reconstructed the rear porch and gutters, as well as restored the balconies, front porch, and porch roof.

Project Completion


The project was completed in 2018.

The History

Built in 1869.

The home was built in 1869 by John Keys Winchell.


Lincoln, Nebraska

Fort Robinson is located in Lincoln, Nebraska

Reconstruction & Restoration

Kennard House


The Kennard House was built in 1869 by John Keys Winchell and is the oldest standing building in Lincoln, Nebraska. Kennard is one of the five oldest homes in Lincoln, Nebraska and now serves as Nebraska’s Statehood Museum.  Berggren Architects began working on the Kennard House in 2014 with the reconstruction of the rear porch. In 2015, gutter reconstruction and the relocation of the flagpole was completed. In 2016, Berggren Architects began the restoration of the front porches; the porch roof; and the balustrades capping the porch, the bay windows, and the widow’s walk surrounding the cupola. The latest project was completed in 2018. The front porch had previously been restored, also by Berggren Architects, in 1982.