Rudge Memorial Chapel

Located in Lincoln, Nebraska

Scope of Work


Berggren Architects is restoring Rudge Memorial Chapel.

Project Completion


This project is currently active.

The History

Built in 1938.

The chapel was constructed in 1938 by Davis and Wilson Architects.


Lincoln, Nebraska

Rudge Memorial Chapel is located in Lincoln, Nebraska.


Rudge Memorial Chapel

In 2020, Berggren Architects was approached to solve an ongoing moisture intrusion problem plaguing the historic Rudge Memorial Chapel in Lincoln, Nebraska’s Wyuka Cemetery. The Chapel, designed by Davis and Wilson Architects, was built in 1938.  Correcting the moisture intrusion problem will be tackled by focusing on the most likely sources one at a time.  First, a careful examination of the roof served to eliminate it as the source of the moisture intrusion.  In the summer of 2020, the foundation was exposed and damp-proofing was applied and site drainage was corrected.  The 2021 phase will focus on improved ventilation and humidity control. Future phases will include restoration of the rose window, the sanctuary windows and re-pointing of the exterior masonry.  Skilled craftsmen are individually selected for this iconic landmark.