Saline County Courthouse

Wilber, NE


Saline County Courthouse

For over fifteen years, Berggren Architects has been completing projects for the Saline County Courthouse, including the addition of a new Veteran’s Memorial.


Wilber, NE

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Working together for more than fifteen years, Saline County has become one of Berggren Architects’ long-term clients. We have completed a range of updates that have been necessary to keep the Courthouse in operating form. We helped the Commissioner address the emergency situation when a near one ton frieze fell from the façade. We arranged for scientific investigation of the remaining stone to determine the potential for other failures and for suitable restoration of the masonry detail.

To improve their energy efficiency we replaced the boiler as well as installed new windows. To repair exterior deterioration and prevent further damage, we took on extensive tuckpointing and stone restoration.

Berggren Architects collaborated with Architectural Glassarts in Lincoln to restore the globe light fixtures outside of the Saline County Courthouse. All of the globes were disassembled and cleaned. All salvageable pieces were retained for reuse. It was reported that approximately 40 pieces total were broken or missing.

Among the list of projects involving the Saline County Courthouse is the construction of a Veteran’s Memorial. The Memorial is composed of a plaza space, an interactive kiosk that houses a database of Veterans, brick murals, and benches. The plaza is lined with flag poles and well lit for evening access.

Saline County came to Berggren Architects when an addition to the courthouse was needed. This six-plus million dollar addition to their historic courthouse includes a 5-story addition with a second staircase, new elevator, and accessible restrooms. A large portion of the construction cost went to fire safety, restoration, and security improvements in the existing structure. 

Saline County Courthouse Addition