Saline County Courthouse

Located in Wilber, Nebraska

Scope of Work

Addition & Improvements

Berggren Architects designed an addition for the Saline County Courthouse, as well as making other improvements on the building.

Project Completion


This project is underway.

The History

Built in 1927.

The courthouse was constructed in 1927 and was designed by architect Marcus L. Evans.


Wilber, Nebraska

Saline County Courthouse is located in Wilber, Nebraska.

Addition & Improvements

Saline County Courthouse

In 2011, Berggren Architects was hired by Saline County, a long-standing client of ours, to renovate and restore the Saline County Courthouse. Since 2011, Berggren Architects has addressed many of the courthouse’s issues through the course of multiple projects. These projects included making energy improvements, conducting an elevator study, constructing sidewalks, addressing plumbing and structural problems, conducting a historical survey, and overseeing the design and construction of the courthouse Veteran’s Memorial, completed in 2012.

One of our most notable projects with Saline County was our 2019 Courthouse Addition—a $7.3 million, 5-story project including the design and construction of a second staircase, a new elevator, and accessible restrooms. Fire safety, restoration, and security improvements accounted for a large portion of the construction costs.

Berggren Architects is currently working on a re-pointing project for the courthouse exterior.