Thayer County Courthouse

Located in Hebron, Nebraska

Scope of Work

Renovation & Master Plan

Berggren Architects renovated Thayer County Courthouse and developed a Master Plan for the building.

Project Completion


This project was completed in 2012.

The History

Built in 1902.

The courthouse was constructed in 1902 and was designed by architect George A. Berlinghof.


Hebron, Nebraska

Thayer County Courthouse is located in Hebron, Nebraska.

Renovation & Master Plan

Thayer County Courthouse

Thayer County retained Berggren Architects for the renovation of their courthouse interior, with specific focus on security and energy efficiency for the courts. This project saw the replacement of the old, glass block courtroom windows with new, energy-efficient insulated windows which emulate the character of the original windows.

Berggren Architects also completed a master plan for the courthouse.