University of Wyoming Archeological Repository

Located in Laramie, Wyoming

Scope of Work

CAP Assessment

 Berggren Architects performed a CAP Assessment (Collections Assessment for Preservation) for the University of Wyoming Archeological Repository.

Project Completion


This project was completed in 2018.

The History

Built in 1983.

The museum was constructed in 1983.


Laramie, Wyoming

The University of Wyoming Archeological Repository is located in Laramie, Wyoming.

CAP Assessment

University of Wyoming Archeological Repository

In 2018, Berggren Architects and collections assessor Beverly Perkins performed a Collections Assessment for Preservation (CAP) for the University of Wyoming Archaeological Repository (UWAR). The repository was originally created in the 1970s and remains as the only federally approved archaeological repository in Wyoming. Located in the university’s Anthropology Building, UWAR provides the anthropology faculty a location to safely store research collections along with Archaeological Resources Protection Act (ARPA)-approved storage for professional archaeologists collecting artifacts from federal land. A recent inventory of the data at UWAR identified over 4.5 million artifacts, field notes, photographs, digital media articles, maps, and federal and state forms and permits from over 14,000 sites. UWAR collections and research is used every year by hundreds of thousands of researchers, students, and public members from around the world.

In the CAP report, our recommendations included installing circulation fans to aid dehumidifiers, adding acoustic tile ceilings to storage rooms to reduce the volume of air to be conditioned, and replacing instances of urethane foam in storage rooms with other caulking material.