March 8th, 2024

For more than 40 years, Berggren Architects has relied heavily on our own “Women in Construction” for our projects. Of the thirty-one women who have worked at our firm, two-thirds were/are young interns pursuing careers as licensed architects. Other ladies on the Berggren team over the years have been, or are, professionals in preservation and design fields, and others have played important supportive roles in office management and business promotion.

Several talented, creative female employees have had leadership roles in our firm. Laurel Shoemaker, production coordinator/designer, was part of our staff for more than two decades, Mary Alice (M.A.) Johnson, served as secretary and managed construction- related correspondence for almost 20 years, and interior designer Mitzi Willis, came out of retirement twice to help us with her unique skill regarding historic interiors. These talented ladies made significant contributions to the firm’s success over the years.

Former interns, including Jennifer Honebrink, Erin Dobesh, Kristin Miles Holtgrew, and Sarah Janiak have earned their architectural licenses, and are working in the field. Several other lady interns have gone on in related disciplines, including Eileen Bergt in Landscape Architecture, and Linda Bogle Svoboda in Construction Management.

  Several of our most recent female student interns are now in the final steps to earning their architectural licenses, and we have no doubt that they will soon be successful. We are pleased to have been part of the journey for these women as they advanced toward their chosen careers. Berggren Architects has been the beneficiary of their many talents in our daily work and are grateful that they chose to spend part of their careers with us.

“Women in Construction Week” celebrates and promotes women, nationwide, in the construction industry. Now in its 26th year, this special week acknowledges the strength and knowledge of women, and the vital role they play in the built environment.

Berggren Architects salute our “Women in Construction,” past and present, during this special week.

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