Jefferson County Courthouse

Located in Fairbury, Nebraska

Scope of Work


Berggren Architects renovated Jefferson County Courthouse.

Project Completion


This project is underway.

The History

Built in 1892.

The courthouse was constructed in 1892 and was designed by architect J.C. Holland.


Fairbury, Nebraska

Jefferson County Courthouse is located in Fairbury, Nebraska.


Jefferson County Courthouse

In 2014, Berggren Architects was hired by Jefferson County, a long-standing client of ours, to restore and renovate the Jefferson County Courthouse. The initial phase addressed the county’s concern for fire code compliance and public safety. We conducted extensive building analysis and reviewed the existing fire safety system with the Nebraska State Fire Marshal. Following review, we concluded that the courthouse required a fire suppression system and a fire-rated door to isolate the existing stairways.

We have also overseen the full replacement of the courthouse’s ceiling and light fixtures along with the renovation of several interior spaces, including county offices and the judge’s chambers. We provided complete design and construction administration services to ensure the work was completed accurately and in compliance with the Secretary of the Interior’s standards.