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For more than 40 years, Berggren Architects has preserved historic structures in Nebraska and the surrounding states. Our clients and projects are important to us, therefore we have created an archive that dates back to the very beginning, 1977.


Adams Courthouse Energy Project, Hastings, NE, 1988

Alltel Projects ’08, 2008

Alpha Xi Delta – top floor renovation study, Lincoln, NE – UNL Campus, 2010

Ameritas – Meridian Park, Lincoln, NE, 2003

Asboe House, NE City, NE, 1988

Ashland Gas Station, Ashland, NE, 1999

Asmat Art CAP Assessment, Hastings, NE

Auburn Hospital Consulting, Auburn, NE, 1996

Auld Library Report, Red Cloud, NE, 2009

Auld Library Restoration and Addition, Red Cloud, NE, 2009


Barry Residence, Valparaiso, NE, 2004

Basset Lodge Renovation, Basset, NE, 2005

Bee Auditorium Study / Report, Bee, NE, 2009

Boystown CAP Assessment, Boystown, Omaha, NE, 2000

Brighton Construction Office, Lincoln, NE, 2004

Broken Bow Custer Federal, Broken Bow, NE, 2009

Brownville Opera Restoration, Brownville, NE, 1998

Burt County Bridge Recordation, Burt County, NE, 2013

Burwell ADA Audit, Burwell, NE, 1993

Butler County ADA Audit, David City, NE, 1993

Butte Heritage Historical Society, Butte, NE, 1998


Camp Ashland, on Platte River near Ashland, NE,1988

Center for Rural Affairs, Walthill, NE, 1996

Chadron State Park, Dawes County, NE, 1989

Chase County Courthouse, Imperial, NE, 1996

Cherry Terrace Reconstruction, Lincoln, NE, 2016

Cheyenne County ADA Audit, Sidney, NE, 1993

Christensen Gazebo, Aurora, NE, 2011

Church of Christ Addition, Nebraska City, NE, 2014

Clare Roofing Project, Lincoln, NE, 1996

Clare/McVicker, Lincoln, NE, 2003

Clare Floodplain Research, Lincoln, NE, 2004

College Hill Neighborhood, Wichita, KS, 2000

Corrections West Hall, York, NE, 2006

Courthouse Trail, 1986

Cozad Downtown Redevelopment – Preservation Consultant for JEO, Cozad, NE, 2008,

Craft Residence, Lincoln, NE, 1991

Creighton former City Hall Report, Creighton, NE, 2012

Creston Iowa Courthouse (Preservation Consultant for Emily Forquer, Architect, Afton, IA), Creston, IA, 2005

Custer County ADA Audit, Broken Bow, NE, 1992


Dakota County Space Plan, Dakota City, NE, 1990      

Danish Immigrant Museum, Elk Horn, IA, 2011            

Deadwood S.D., Deadwood, SD, 2006

Department of Corrections, York, NE, 1998

Department of Corrections, Lincoln, NE, 2006

Deuel County ADA Audit, Chappell, NE, 1993

Disbrow Register Nomination (Preservation Consultant), Omaha, NE, 2008

Dixon Residence, 2000

DK – Ameritus Master Plan, Wayne, NE, 2003

Dobson Brothers Furnishings, Lincoln, NE, 2003

Dobson Brothers Office Plan, Lincoln, NE, 2003


Eddie’s Service Station, Geneva, NE, 2006

Eddie’s Service Station, Geneva, NE, 2010

El Museo Latino CAP Assessment, Omaha, NE, 2004


Fairbury Library Additional Service, Fairbury, NE, 1986

Fairbury Library Basement Renovation, Fairbury, NE, 2005

Fausch Residence, Aurora, NE, 1994

Ferguson Mansion, Lincoln, NE, 1989

First Congregational Church, Ashland, NE, 1999

First Evangelical Lutheran Church, Nebraska City, NE, 2010

Ford Conservation Center Maintenance Plan, Omaha, NE, 2004

Fort Meade CAP Assessment, Ft. Mead, SD, 1994

Frank House CAP Assessment, Kearney, NE, UNK Campus, 1998

Franklin County ADA Audit, Franklin, NE, 1992

Franklin County Study, Franklin, NE, 1993

Furnas/Gosper Historical Society, Arapahoe, NE, 2000


G.A.R. Building, Nebraska City, Ne, 1992

G.I. Forum, Omaha, NE, 2003

Garfield County ADA Audit, Burwell, Ne, 1993

Gering Museum Complex, Gering, NE, 1990

Gosper County, Elwood, NE, 1986

Gosper County Courthouse, Elwood, NE, 1991

Gothenburg Downtown Redevelopment / JEO, Gothenburg, NE, 2008

Grand Island Downtown Redevelopment, Grand Island, NE, 1993

Graves Library, Wakefield, NE, 2005


Hall County Energy Improvements, Grand Island, NE, 2009

Hall County Master Plan, Grand Island, NE, 2016

Hanson-Downing House, Kearney, NE, 2005

Harlan County Historical Society CAP Assessment, Alma, NE, 1998

Haskell House Elevator, Wakefield, NE, 1999

Heritage House, Red Oak, IA, 1993

Historic Center CAP Assessment, Iowa, 1996

Howard County ADA Audit, St. Paul, NE, 1992

Howard County ADA & Community Study, St. Paul, NE, 1993

Howard County Courthouse Elevator, St. Paul, NE, 1994


Jim McClurg Home, Lincoln, NE, 1989

John D. Haskell House, Wakefield, NE, 1992

Johnson County Courthouse Steps, Tecumseh, NE, 1990

Johnson County Historical Society CAP Assessment, Tecumseh, NE, 2002

Joslyn Art Museum CAP Assessment, Omaha, NE, 2003

Joslyn Art Museum Granite, Omaha, NE, 2010

Joslyn Castle, Omaha, NE, 1999


Keene Library, Fremont, NE, 2006

Keene Library Re-Roof, Fremont, NE, 2012

Kingswood Assisted Living, 2016


Le Sueur Museum CAP Assessment, Le Sueur, MN, 1991

Lentz Center CAP Assessment, Lincoln, NE – UNL Campus, 1996

Lewis-Syford House, Lincoln, NE – UNL Campus, 1990               

LFL Tractor Test and Power Museum, Lincoln, NE – UNL East Campus, 2002

Lincoln & Pierce County Polling ADA Audit, 2005        

Linoma Software – Hoffman Building, Ashland, NE, 2012

Little Red Hen Theatre, Wakefield, NE, 2002

Little Red Hen Theatre Storage, Wakefield, NE, 2008


Mabel Lee Window Replacement, Lincoln, NE, 1989 

Mackinac Police Station (Consulting with Architects 4 from Ann Arbor, MI, Mackinaw Island), MI, 1998

Masonic Cell Tower, Grand Island, NE, 2006 

Mayhew Cabin Report, Nebraska City, NE, 2005

McCook West Ward School Recordation        McCook, NE        2010      

McKee Museum CAP Assessment, Atkinson, NE, 1999

McVicker Building, Lincoln, NE, 1999               

MONA CAP Assessment Museum of Nebraska Art, Kearney, NE, 2003

Mount Olive Church, Lincoln, NE, 1991


NE City Community Svc Center Feasibility Report, Nebraska City, NE, 2004

NE Correctional Treatment Center, Lincoln, NE, 1993               

NE United Methodist CAP Assessment, Lincoln, NE – Wesleyan Campus, 1994

Nebraska City Center, Nebraska City, NE, 2004            

Neligh Mill Drainage, Neligh, NE, 1989

Nodaway County Historical Society Museum CAP Assessment, Maryville, MO, 2009

North Platte Planning w/ JEO, North Platte, NE, 2002


Oak Creek Bank Remodel, Valparaiso, NE, 2004          

Oakland CAP Assessment, Oakland, NE, 1994

O’Neill Rail Depot, O’Neill, NE, 1996 

Orloff Warehouse, Lincoln, NE, 1989

Our Saviour’s Lutheran Church, Lincoln, NE, 1994      

Ourecky Residence Addition, Wilber, NE, 2012


Papillion City Hall, Papillion, NE, 2004             

Park View Apartments, Lincoln, NE, 2009       

Pavelka Farm House, Webster County, NE, 2006

Pekarek Hous, Filmore County, 2003               

Phelps County Historical Museum, Holdredge, NE, 1990         

Picotte Hospital, Walthill, NE, 1988  

Polk County ADA Audit, Osceola, NE, 1993    

Ponca State Park, 1989          

Post Playhouse, Ft. Robinson State Park, NE, 1989     

Post Playhouse Trap Doors, Ft. Robinson State Park, NE, 1991              

Puschendorf Roof, Lincoln, NE, 1996


Rebuild Otoe County Report, Nebraska City, NE, 1999

Riley County Museum CAP Assessment, Manhattan, KS, 1990

Rock County Jail, Bassett, NE, 2009


Sartore Residence, Lincoln, NE, 1996

SBD BSDC Cottage Windows, etc., Beatrice, NE, 2003               

SBD BSDC Hospital Spandrels, Beatrice, NE, 2003       

SBD Lincoln Regional Center, Lincoln, NE, 2003

Scott Kunzel Residence, Crete, NE, 1995        

Scottsbluff County ADA Audit, Gering, NE, 1993          

Seward County Courthouse Storm Drainage, Seward, NE, 2010

Sheridan County ADA Audit, Rushville, NE, 1993

Shoemaker’s, Lincoln, NE, 2008          

Shoemakers South, Lincoln, NE, 1995              

Sky Park National Register Nomination, Lincoln, NE, 2015      

Sky Park Tax Credit and VIP Form Applications, Lincoln, NE, 2017        

Smisek House, 2003

St. Catherine’s Church, Indianola, NE, 2006

St. Stephen’s Catholic/Exeter, 1994 

State Lab Re-Roof, Lincoln, NE. 1990                

Stolley House, Grand Island, NE, 2000, Report


Tekamah Church, Tekamah, NE, 2013

Trabel House, Tabor, IA, 2006             

Tush House, Lincoln, NE, 1992


United Methodist Church, Dorchester, NE, 1990        

University Place Art Center CAP Assessment, Lincoln, NE, 2002


VA Central States, 2017         

VA Medical Center Stair Replacement, Lincoln, NE, 1990                        

VAMC Column and Window Replacement Report, Lincoln, NE, 1993


Wake Residence Construction, Seward, NE, 2010

Wake Residence Restoration, Seward, NE, 2006

Warren Opera House, Friend, NE, 2006

Western Heritage Museum, Omaha, NE, 2005

Wichita Downtown Design Guidelines – Preservation Consultant for JEO, Wichita, KS, 2008

Wick Cutter House, Red Cloud, NE, 2006        

Wildwood Art Gallery Restoration, Nebraska City, NE, 2002   

Wildwood Period House Improvements, Nebraska City, NE, 2009       

Wildwood Restoration, Nebraska City, NE, 1998         

Wolners Grocery Store Nomination, Omaha, NE, 2009             

Wood Residence, Lincoln, NE, 2008  

Woods Home Renovation, York, NE, 2012


Yost House, Red Cloud, NE, 2008