Cass County Courthouse

Located in Plattsmouth, Nebraska

Scope of Work

Master Plan

Berggren Architects developed a master plan for the Cass County Courthouse.

Project Completion


This project is underway.

The History

Built in 1891.

The courthouse was constructed in 1891 and was designed by William Gray.


Plattsmouth, Nebraska

The Cass County Courthouse is located in Plattsmouth, Nebraska.

Master Plan

Cass County Courthouse

In 2008, Berggren Architects was hired to create a master plan identifying top priorities and recommendations for the preservation of the Cass County Courthouse. The report included an analysis of the building’s exterior condition, interior condition, and spatial layout. In 2010, the county undertook a substantial project to complete the first four recommendations.

Berggren Architects is working with the county towards the fifth recommendation, a security improvement project. In preparation, we are currently reviewing the 2008 Master Plan and updating it with new recommendations and information from our 2010 spatial study.