Ford Conservation Center

Located in Omaha, Nebraska

Scope of Work

Masonry Repairs

Berggren Architects is repairing the masonry on the Ford Conservation Center.

Project Completion


This project is currently active.

The History

Built in 1995.

The building was constructed in 1995.


Omaha, Nebraska

The Ford Conservation Center is located in Omaha, Nebraska.

Masonry Repairs

Ford Conservation Center

The Ford Conservation Center in Omaha, Nebraska is one of the nation’s premier conservation laboratories specializing in conservation examination, consultation on collections-related topics including institutional assessments and collection condition surveys, and the treatment of three-dimensional objects, paintings, and works on paper. Originally built in 1994, Berggren Architects was hired in 2004 to prepare a maintenance plan for the building structure and grounds. We returned in 2019 to resolve continual masonry issues. Our in-depth investigation revealed a structural inability to control moisture transmission through exterior walls and ceilings. The moisture issues had produced significant damage to the masonry veneer and mortar joints. Currently, the project has evolved to include the renovation of the HVAC and exhaust systems serving the three laboratories as well as the installation of a significantly improved vapor barrier.