Gage County Courthouse

Located in Beatrice, Nebraska

Scope of Work

Master Plan & Update

Berggren Architects developed a master plan for the Gage County Courthouse and made some updates to the building.

Project Completion


This project was completed in 2014.

The History

Built in 1890.

The courthouse was constructed in 1890 and was designed by Gunn & Curtis.


Beatrice, Nebraska

The Gage County Courthouse is located in Beatrice, Nebraska.

Master Plan & Update

Gage County Courthouse

In 2008, Berggren Architects created a Master Plan Report documenting the existing condition of the Gage County Courthouse in Beatrice, Nebraska. During the initial investigation, Jerry Berggren, the principal of Berggren Architects identified 14 recommendations to preserve the courthouse. The master plan report listed all the recommendations  in order of priority and was followed by a cost of construction estimate of $8.8 million dollars.

Following the completion of the master plan, in 2009, the county hired Berggren Architects to provide a full scope of services for 9 of the 14 recommendations. The improvements included the fire suppression system, fire alarm system, heating and air conditioning system, electrical system, lighting system, re-roofing the entire courthouse, the replacement of the existing windows, and new damp-proofing around the entire foundation of the courthouse. The project was completed as scheduled in December of 2010.