Kruger Collection

Located in Lincoln, Nebraska

Scope of Work

CAP Assessment

Berggren Architects performed a CAP Assessment (Collections Assessment for Preservation) for the Kruger Collection.

Project Completion


This project was completed in 2010.

The History

Built in 1895.

The building was built in 1895, and the gallery was created in 1997. 


Lincoln, Nebraska

The Kruger Collection is located in Lincoln, Nebraska.

CAP Assessment

Kruger Collection

In 2010, Berggren Architects and conservator Julie Reilly performed a Collections Assessment for Preservation for the Kruger Collection at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln’s College of Architecture. The Eloise Kruger Gallery is housed in the college’s Architecture Hall, while a remote storage space is housed in the attic of Lincoln’s Old City Hall. In our report, we recommend abandoning the attic as storage space for security and financial reasons. Though the collection is managed professionally, we identified heat build-up in the Kruger Gallery’s display cases as a concern. We recommended vents or fiber optic lighting as potential solutions.