McCook Band Shell

Located in McCook, Nebraska

Scope of Work


Berggren Architects restored the McCook Band Shell.

Project Completion


This project was completed in 2011.

The History

Built in 1917.

The structure was built in 1917.


McCook, Nebraska

The McCook Band Shell is located in McCook, Nebraska.


McCook Band Shell

Built during WWI, the Norris Band Shell has always been a crucial part of festivals and celebrations in McCook, NE. After restoration, it’s back for an encore.

The Norris Band Shell is situated in McCook’s Heritage Square area. Because of its crucial role during cultural festivals and celebrations at Norris Park, Berggren Architects was retained for an architectural assessment of the building to determine the extent of restoration needed. Due to water damage, significant repair of the exterior stucco and wall was necessary. New, historically sensitive windows were installed, replacing the less sensitive “fake” windows installed from a previous rehabilitation project. The electrical system was modernized and brought up to code. Asbestos from the existing cement shingles was abated. New shingles of a similar shape were installed to create a watertight roof.