Northwest Arts Center

Located in Minot, South Dakota

Scope of Work

CAP Assessment

Berggren Architects performed a CAP Assessment (Collections Assessment for Preservation) for the Northwest Arts Center.

Project Completion


This project was completed in 2018.

The History

Built in 2018.

The building was constructed in 2018.


Minot, South Dakota

The Northwest Arts Center is located in Minot, South Dakota.

CAP Assessment

Northwest Arts Center

In 2018, Berggren Architects and conservator Terri Schindel performed a Collections Assessment for Preservation (CAP) for the Minot State University’s Northwest Arts Center (NAC) in South Dakota. The new, state-of-the-art facility was completed in 2018, just one month before out assessment. It hosts a Native American Collection of over 450 items and a Permanent Art Collection of over 1,100 fine art items, including more than one hundred pieces of student work. In our report, we provided recommendations including the construction of a new janitor’s closet and the relocation of a door to improve security.