Peg Holen Farmstead

Located in Overton, Nebraska

Scope of Work


Berggren Architects renovated the Peg Holen Farmstead, as well as re-designed the kitchen.

Project Completion


This project was completed in 2012.

The History

Built in 1916.

The home was built in 1916.


Overton, Nebraska

The Peg Holen Farmstead is located in Overton, Nebraska.


Peg Holen Farmstead

In 2010, Berggren Architects was approached for the restoration and renovation of the Peg Holen Farmstead. The historic home and barn is located near Overton, Nebraska and was built in 1916. The Farmstead is operated by owner Peg Holen and serves a rest stop for quarter horses being transported across the nation. The historic barn provides ample shelter for the horses while the original house has been transformed into a bed and breakfast for the workers transporting them. Part of our work involved the redesign of the kitchen to accommodate modern needs while still maintaining the home’s historical details.