PEO Home

Located in Beatrice, Nebraska

Scope of Work

Elevator Installation

Berggren Architects is installing an elevator in the PEO Home.

Project Completion


This project is currently active.

The History

Built in 1883.

The building was constructed in 1883.


Beatrice, Nebraska

PEO Home is located in Beatrice, Nebraska.

Elevator Installation

PEO Home

In 2018, Berggren Architects was approached for the design and administration of a new  elevator at the PEO Home in Beatrice, Nebraska. The assisted living facility was established in 1937 by the Philanthropic Education Organization (PEO) as part of their mission to celebrate the advancement of women. The Victorian-style home sits in the middle of landscaped, park-like grounds. It accommodates up to 20 residents. Berggren Architects was happy to have a hand in renovating the building to be functional and accessible for many years to come.