Tiller International

Located in Scotts, Michigan

Scope of Work

CAP Assessment

Berggren Architects performed a CAP Assessment (Collections Assessment for Preservation) for the Black Hills Mining Museum.

Project Completion


This project was completed in 2017.

The History

Built in 1956.

The museum was originally constructed in 1922, and was rebuilt in 1956. 


Scotts, Michigan

Tiller International is located in Scotts, Michigan.

CAP Assessment

Tiller International

In 2017, Berggren Architects and objects conservator Julie Reilly performed a Collections Assessment for Preservation (CAP) for Tillers International In Scotts, Michigan. Tillers International is a Midwest-based nonprofit that works with rural communities around the world to improve agricultural productivity and standard of living. The key to their mission lies in the Tillers Museum, a collection boasting over 6,000 early Midwestern agricultural tools and related objects. Approximately 20 percent of the collection is on exhibit. The remainder serves as models to be reproduced and distributed for practical use in developing communities. Along with agricultural tools, Tillers International provides expert knowledge on draft animal power, blacksmithing, and woodworking.

In our CAP report, we recommended Tillers International to correct electrical deficiencies, close access points for insects and pests, and complete insulation work, among other short and long-term tasks.